Apostolic Service - Maronite Servants

We attended the ordination of Deacon Norman Hannoush on Saturday March 10th    at St. Anthony’s parish, Springfield . At this beautiful celebration, his Excellency Bishop Gregory Mansour ordained Norman to the order of permanent deacon.

In the handing on of the Mysteries to the sub-deacon, Sayedna gave Deacon Norman the following teaching about his ministry: “My son, be always diligent in you ministry, in the morning, the evening and at midnight. Keep a pure love for prayer and cling to fasting, which does not deceive. Approach the altar of the Lord in purity and holiness, according to his choice for you. Judge yourself, day and night, and meditate on your end, for the end is standing at the door. Remain alert and do not fall asleep. Those who stay alert are praised and those who fall asleep are put to shame. Behold, my son: today you are standing before our humble person, but tomorrow you shall stand before the awesome throne of Christ. You shall then account for all that you did before him. Now, my son, take heed of all what I told you and understand these instructions I gave to you. Here, now, I hand you to God and to his grace, and I am free of your sins.” (Quote taken from the Liturgy of the Ordination to the Order of Permanent Deacon)

On Saturday March 10th, we attended the parish hafle hosted by Our Lady of Purgatory, New Bedford. Sr. Therese Maria joining in Lebanese traditional dancing.

Canon Law Classes
Miss Magdalene Ross, JCL a good friend of the community is teaching Sr. Therese Maria canon law during her week visit (March 6-13th) with us at the Mother of the Light Convent.

We hosted our monthly Ramsho & Supper evening on Sunday March 11th at 5:00PM at the Mother of the Light Convent.  We had eleven guests join us in praying the prayer of the faithful in our St. Maron chapel. Following the prayer we shared an enjoyable Lenten meal together. Our next Ramsho & Supper will be on April 15th, if you would like to join us please RSVP by April 13 via email or phone.