Inspirations from our Maronite Liturgy

Below are prayer excerpts taken from the opening prayer and prayer of forgiveness in Maronite Liturgy for Thursday of the Mysteries (Holy Thursday) and Sunday of the Glorious Resurrection (Easter Sunday).

Thursday of the Mysteries
O Christ, you are the Word of the Eternal Father, and you became man to save us. You fulfilled the laws of the old covenant to lead us to worship in spirit and in truth. You washed the feet of your apostles to teach us humility and love. You ate the Passover lamb with them, so that you yourself might become our Passover and our Lamb.

We glorify and thank you because you offered yourself for us as an eternal Pascal Sacrifice. You gave us the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist as a pledge of the resurrection and new life.
O Priest and Sacrifice, O Host and Banquet, accept our prayers at this Pascal feast in which you have allowed us to participate, by giving us your Body and your Blood to drink. May we also share in your passion, death, and resurrection, that we may one day meet you at your heavenly banquet.

Sunday of the Glorious Resurrection
Lord Jesus, make us worthy, in the abundance of your grace and mercy, to glorify your resurrection with pure hearts, to celebrate your victory with holy hymns, and to proclaim your might with pure tongues. We thank you for your love and worship you, crying out: “Christ is risen! He is truly risen!”
Let us raise glory, honor and praise to the Living and Immortal One, who gave life to his people by his cross, and salvation to his Church and happiness to his flock by his resurrection…
We worship and praise you. O only-begotten Son. You descended into the darkness of the tombs and worked wonders in the realm of the dead. By your resurrection you freed captives, and by your voice you awakened the righteous and the just who had gone to their rest in the sleep of death. You gathered the nations to worship you and to proclaim your salvation. They rejoice and cry out:
On Friday the King endured pain and was crucified, and today victory has been achieved by his resurrection!
On Friday a lance pierced his side, and today in his compassion the waters of Baptism flow!
On Friday he was crowned with thorns, and today he has crowned his Church with a crown of splendor!
Today is a day of rejoicing in the resurrection.
…O Creator of Life, you have saved us by your passion and have given us life by your resurrection. Now renew our image by your grace. Clothe our bodies with the power of the Spirit, so that we may shine in the robe of glory and in its light see you, the true Bridegroom.