Pope Francis - a letter from Bishop Gregory

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
What a surprise! What a joy! The Holy Spirit knows how to help guide us, and never leave us orphans.  The past few weeks the Church has shined brightly, even with age old ceremonies, she knows how to live her calling with love and serenity, and how to carefully and respectfully choose a leader in the footsteps of Saint Peter.
The popes that I remember, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and now Francis, are all so very different in personality, in leadership style and in thinking, yet they are all the same in that they are all faithful and obedient to Christ and His Church.  What an inspiration to all of us.  We can truly be ourselves, yet at the same time, be faithful.
It was a particular joy for me to see Pope Francis with his hands at his side looking out at the 150,000 plus people in Saint Peter’s Square. All I could imagine was that here was a man that realized he does not have to impress anyone, all he needs to do is to be faithful to his calling and obedient to the Holy Spirit.  This in itself is enough to inspire all of us.  Let us pray for Pope Francis, the Universal Church, and the world that we too be truly ourselves, and at the same time faithful and obedient to our heavenlycall.
 Sincerely yours in Christ,
+Gregory John Mansour