Women’s Retreat – “Loved As I Am”

I will praise You, O Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…..(cf ps.139)
We hosted and facilitated a day of retreat on Saturday, November 12 for young ladies at the Mother of Light Convent on the theme: “Loved as I Am” (not ‘who I want to be’ or ‘who people want me to be’, but just as I am). This is the way that God loves us.
The retreat began with Sr. Therese Maria asking ladies, “what gives you purpose and meaning in your life?”; “why do you think that God created each one of us?”; “what gives you value and self-worth?” The ladies were encouraged to remain grounded in God’s love for them, because, as Sr. Therese Maria so beautifully put it, if we are grounded in His love nothing can sway us, not even what people think of us. The day centered on this topic and with videos and discussions, the ladies reflected on the truth of their dignity and beauty as daughters of the Father. 
Mother Marla Marie and Sr. Therese Maria led a beautiful hour of adoration, and Fr. James Doran from St. Anthony of the Desert Church came to hear confessions. Sr. Therese Maria also taught the ladies how to pray with the Word of God, by walking them through a Lectio Divina.
Also, Mother Marla Marie gave the ladies a brief explanation of our current Maronite Liturgical Season of Happy Anouncements (Soboorey in Syriac), and the significance of each ‘happy announcement’ as they unfold on each of the Sundays leading up to Christmas.
The afternoon concluded with a conference and group sharing on discerning one’s vocation in life. The ladies were given a number of tools to help them discern God’s particular path and how ultimately in this path they are to find authentic love and fulfillment in their lives.
 If you are interested in attending a similar retreat or hosting one in the parish, please contact the Maronite Servants on 508-996-1753 or by email sister@maroniteservants.org.