LIght Your Lamps - Maronite Prayer

A Syriac Hymn from the Prayer of the Faithful
1. Light your lamps, sisters and brothers, for the Bridegroom is about to arrive (Mt 25:1-13).
2. He makes the Righteous dwell in the spiritual garden of Eden on the day of salvation.
3. He opens the bridal chamber of light to them, and they praise him with their harps.
4. They also exult in meeting him when he comes, for they expect him and hope in his name.
5. Behold the Bridegroom is about to arrive. Blessed are they who are expecting him.
6. He interweaves a crown of glory for the Righteous, who expect his name and his redemption.
7. The First-born (Col 1:15) arose and descended to Sheol to raise the dead from their graves.
8. The Just saw his light in Sheol and eagerly watched for the return of the Son of the Merciful One.
9. They forgot their pain and the suffering they endured when they saw their Lord hung on a tree.
10. He gave us life because of his mercy, and he intermingled our mortality with the angels.
11. Death lay in wait for our humanity. But he came in his lovingkindness and saved us.
12. To you be glory, Lord of the angels, for your shining forth gladdened the mournful in Sheol.
13. Thenceforth the night fled and vanished, and your light shone on Creation.
14. He descended from the height, saved us, and ascended [back]; behold he sits again on the right [hand of the Father] (Mk 16:5).
15. They eagerly watch for his coming, when he comes again: all those who expect him and hope in his name.
16.  He entered Sheol, his light shone, and drove out darkness from its departed.
17. The fruit Adam ate killed him; the fruit of the height descended and saved him.
18. He burst open the graves, raised the dead, and depicted to us the type of his magnificent day.
19. He drew near, and the day of resurrection arrived; blessed are they who expect him.
20.  The day on which he comes is magnificent because all hidden things are revealed on it.
21.  Those lying in the dust hear his voice on the day of the resurrection and come out to meet him.
22.  Adam marvels when he is resurrected and returns to the place filled with blessedness.
(reprinted from www.hiddenpearl.org)