NAM Convention in Birmingham - July 7-11

Coming soon is the 47th Annual Maronite Convention and is hosted this year by St. Elias parish in Birmingham, Alabama.  The theme of this gathering is "Stewardship of our Maronite Church."  
"The definition of stewardship is “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.” The moment we are Baptized and Confirmed into the Maronite Church, we become responsible for its teachings. We become responsible for living our lives as Maronites. We challenge everyone to walk away from Birmingham, Alabama this year as true stewards of the Maronite Church."

The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light will be part of the vocation workshop encouraging parents to support and foster religious vocations.  The postulants, Therese and Tresa will give a witness to how their own families accepted the news of their vocation to enter the convent.  Also speaking are Tresa's parents, Chuck and Marie Van Heusen sharing on their experience of having a son in seminary and a daughter in the religious life. 

A Maronite Legacy: How to Foster Religious
Our Bishops cry out to us, “Send Out, O Lord, Laborers for Your Harvest!” Many young people hear this call, but are met with resistance. As stewards of our Maronite Faith, we need to understand how to be open and understanding to our children’s desire. The challenge is ours, young and old, women and men, to respond to God’s vocation, and thereby find our way home to the Kingdom by being divinized and divinizing the world as disciples of the Lord. Each person must offer the gifts, talents, skills,
knowledge and experience of his/her life in the service of the human family, and for the glory of God, whom we call Father, Son and Spirit.